Attention Map heatmap of ecom websites

Improve Your Webpage's UX with Attention Maps

Get Crucial Feedback & Boost Conversion Rates

Attention maps are a valuable tool for UX designers, as they allow designers to see which parts of a webpage are capturing the most attention from users.

  • Deliverable: Hi-Res Attention Map (Mobile + Desktop)
  • Delivery time: ≈ 5 minutes



Attention maps are generated using AI algorithms that analyze the eye movement patterns of users as they interact with a webpage.

The resulting attention map is a visual representation of where users are looking and for how long, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of a webpage's layout and design.

With an attention map, UX designers can quickly identify areas of a webpage that may be confusing or hard to navigate, as well as areas that are successful at capturing and holding a user's attention. Attention maps have been shown to be 90-94% accurate, making them an invaluable resource for improving the user experience of a webpage.