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What Users Do Before They Decide To Buy On Your Site


As a web designer, it's important to understand how users navigate your site before they commit to purchase. Knowing what they do in the moments leading up to an online sale can help you optimize your design and increase conversions.

In this article, we'll explore the steps customers take on their journey toward becoming paying customers. We'll look at what actions they take, which pages they visit, and finally – when do they decide to buy?

Let's dive in!

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Researching Competitor's Offers

In the age of eCommerce, it's ever more important for customers to make informed decisions when shopping online.

To ensure they find a great deal on your site, savvy shoppers often take their time looking at what competitors have to offer and comparing prices.

Reading reviews is also an essential part of this process, as they can help potential buyers get a better understanding of how reliable a product or service may be before committing to purchase it.

Reviews from past customers give buyers insight into performance and quality - two factors that are arguably just as important as price when making a purchasing decision.

With all these considerations in mind, users should feel confident knowing they've been able to explore different options with ease before finally deciding which one works best for them.

Examining Product/Service Benefits

Now that you've taken the time to research competitor's offers, it's important to evaluate the value of your product or service.

Discussing the features and benefits can help customers make informed decisions about their purchase. It is wise to consider how well your offering stands up against other competitors in terms of cost, quality, and performance.

Evaluating these factors gives potential customers a better understanding of exactly what they're getting for their money. Customers should also be aware that there may be hidden costs associated with certain products or services.

While some providers will advertise an attractive price tag upfront, additional fees could add up quickly once more details become available. An honest assessment of total cost can help shoppers find a reliable solution without breaking their budget.

Taking this step ensures that buyers get maximum value out of their purchase while minimizing any unexpected expenses further down the line.

Identifying Trust Factors

Coincidentally, there are a few factors that users consider before they decide to buy on your website.

Web design plays an important role in the decision-making process. Customers want to be sure that the site looks professional and is easy to navigate as well as having all of the necessary information about products or services clearly displayed.

In addition, customer reviews can have a big impact on whether or not someone decides to make a purchase from you. People will often read what others think of your product or service before committing to buying it themselves.

Here are four major trust factors people take into account when deciding if they should buy something:

  • Clear pricing structure
  • Easy navigation
  • Professional layout
  • Positive customer reviews

Taking these elements into consideration is essential for ensuring customers feel comfortable making purchases via your website. A strong web presence backed by positive feedback goes a long way towards creating loyal customers who will return time and again on their own accord.

Exploring Payment Options

Once a user has found the product they want on your site, it's time to evaluate costs. Comparing features and prices is an important step in ensuring that users get the best value for their purchase. By providing a detailed description of each item, along with its cost and any discounts or promotions available, you can help customers make informed decisions about which products are right for them.

Users should also be able to easily access different payment options when shopping on your website. Offering multiple payment methods allows customers to choose one that suits their needs best. Be sure to include information such as expected processing times and fees associated with each option so that users know what they're getting into before making a purchase.

To ensure convenience and security throughout the checkout process, consider partnering with trusted third-party providers like PayPal or Apple Pay. That way, buyers feel safe knowing their financial data is protected during the transaction.

With these steps taken care of, shoppers will have no trouble finding the perfect product at a great price on your site!

Checking For Promotional Deals

Before customers decide to buy on a website, they often compare prices and seek discounts. For example, Janice was planning to purchase a new laptop from an online store. She began by researching the different models available at various websites in order to determine which one would best fit her needs. In addition, she also looked for promotional deals that could save her money before committing to any particular purchase.

To effectively find the most competitive price for the item she wanted, Janice first compared prices between different vendors. Then, she searched through coupon sites and mailing lists of retailers trying to uncover special offers or discount codes that were applicable to her purchase. Finally, she also considered buying pre-owned items as another way of getting access to more affordable products without sacrificing quality or reliability. By taking these steps, Janice saved time and money while shopping online for her desired item.

The process of finding promotional deals can be quite complex if you don't have much experience with it; however, there are some simple tips that can help make this task easier:

  • Check out comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping and BizRate – they allow shoppers to quickly compare prices across multiple sellers

  • Search coupon databases such as RetailMeNot and for promo codes or coupons related to your product

  • Sign up for email alerts from stores offering promotions on their merchandise

  • Read customer reviews on Amazon or other ecommerce platforms – many shoppers leave feedback about their experiences with discounted items there

  • Ask friends and family members who've recently made similar purchases what type of savings they found

By following these guidelines when searching for discounts and comparing prices online, customers can save considerable amounts of money while still purchasing high-quality goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Return Policy?

Understanding the return policy is a key factor for customers when deciding to purchase on your site.

We offer multiple payment options and shipping times, so it's important that our customers feel confident in their purchases knowing they have an easy-to-understand return policy.

Our return policy gives clear guidelines on how long customers have to initiate a return after receiving their product, which items are eligible and what methods of refund are available.

How Long Will It Take To Receive The Product/Service?

Coincidence suggests that for many customers, the shipping time is just as important a factor in their decision-making process when deciding to buy from your website as any other.

After all, no customer wants to wait too long for delivery of their product or service.

That's why it's essential to provide clear and transparent information on the delivery options available and how quickly they will arrive.

As a web designer, you should make sure this information is readily accessible and easy to understand so that customers are confident about making a purchase with an expected timeframe in mind.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

When considering making a purchase on our site, one of the most important questions to ask is if there are any hidden fees.

Our goal is to provide complete price transparency and various payment options so that buyers know exactly what they're paying for without any surprise costs down the line.

We strive to make sure customers have all the information they need upfront before committing to a purchase so they can shop with confidence!

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

We understand the importance of making sure our customers are satisfied with their purchases. That's why we're proud to offer a money back guarantee so you can shop on our site with complete confidence in the product quality and payment options available.

If for any reason you find that your purchase isn't what you expected, just let us know within 30 days and we'll be happy to return your money!

What Is The Customer Service Like?

Customer service is an important part of the customer experience and should not be overlooked when considering a purchase.

Our team strives to provide high-quality customer service with fast delivery speed, no matter what product you're looking for.

We strive to answer any questions within 24 hours so customers can make informed decisions on their purchases.

From helpful advice on which products are best suited to your needs to providing technical support after you've made your purchase, our customer service is designed to give you peace of mind throughout the entire process.


As a web designer, I know how important it is to ensure that users have all the information they need before committing to purchase. Before making their decision, customers will likely research your return policy, delivery time frames and any hidden fees or money back guarantees you may offer.

For example, one of my clients had an issue with poor customer service leading potential buyers away from his website. He decided to revamp his customer service strategy by offering more ways for customers to get in touch and reducing wait times on responses. As a result, he saw an increase in sales as those who were hesitant about buying felt reassured knowing someone was there to help them if needed.

Ultimately, providing clear information along with excellent customer support can be the determining factor when customers are deciding whether or not to buy from your site. It's essential for businesses looking to maximize success online to make sure these two elements are taken into consideration during their design process.